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Replay Snack Stack

Replay Snack Stack

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It's GREEN on-the-go! A brilliant invention. Two pods mean you can carry two different snacks at the same time and what child doesn’t like a variety of food? They are the perfect size for grapes, nuts, cheese, crackers, raw veggies etc. The pods are also watertight so, if you wish, you can use the bottom one for ice to keep the top container chilled. When the ice melts, it creates a cup of cold water for a healthy meal-time drink. As the pods can be stacked, more separate snacks can be added if required
The versatile Snack Stack system can expand to your children's needs. It's the perfect companion for errands, day trips or even the blanket fort that's permanently set up in your living room. 1,2,3,4... How high can you stack yours?. Dishwasher safe. Perfect size for toddlers. Durable and lightweight. Tested for safety. Made in the USA.
Available in colours Red, Orange, Sunny Yellow, Yellow, Green, Kelly Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Amethyst, Purple, Bright Pink, Baby Pink
Set of 2 pots with 1 lid. Each pot screws into the bottom of another. USA FDA-Approved BPA-Free Plastic from Recycled Milk Containers.
Diameter (inside each pot) approx 6.5cm - Height (each pot) approx 7cm - Height (2 pots with lid) approx 15cm
200ml per pod to brim

Comprises: 2 Pots & 1 Lid

Height (2 pots with lid as pictured) approx 15cm

Lid and pots screw together
Material: Recycled Milk Containers BPA Free

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